About Birthday Calendars

Everything Essential Birthday and Anniversary Calendars

Want to know more about birthday calendars? Everything Essential Birthday Calendars™ are beautiful, perpetual birthday calendars and anniversary calendars that never go out of date.

Everything Essential Birthday Calendars were designed by the owner of Visual Impressions, Digital Design and Imaging. As a woman and a designer, she designed a unique and timely calendar for a friend to help her stay organized and soon everyone she knew wanted one so she decided to produce the calendars for all who We all have our PDA’s, cell phones and computers, but our Everything Essential Birthday Calendars™ hang on a wall, cabinet or refrigerator and can be checked in the morning before you turn on your electronic devices or in the evening before bed. Our Everything Essential Birthday and Anniversary Calendars™ let you view, at a glance, the entire year, month by month, so you never miss birthdays or anniversaries or any other reoccurring special occasions you have added to your Everything Essential Birthday Calendar. One calendar lets you keep track of both birthdays and anniversaries.

Originally we designed the Everything Essential Birthday Calendars™ for close friends and family. Everyone wanted a simple, one page calendar for tracking both birthdays and anniversaries and they didn’t want to fill it out again year after year. We created a beautiful, “at a glance”, easy to use, Everything Essential™ birthday and anniversary reminder calendar that never expires, and guess what, now everyone wants one. We couldn’t keep up with the demand so we decided to print enough for all of you. We know you will love it! Our birthday calendar hangs just about anywhere and is beautiful enough to frame.

Our calendars are 8 1/2 by 14, legal size, and printed on flexible card stock for durability. We have provided a small hole at the top of the calendar for hanging. Everything Essential Calendars™ make wonderful gifts and they make beautiful additions to gift baskets!

Looking for a fund raiser for your school or organization? Try selling Everything Essential Birthday Calendars™. Order Everything Essential Birthday Calendars as gifts for clients and/or employees. Remember, Everything Essential Birthday Calendars™ never expire so they are gifts your client will keep year after year.

Everything Essential Birthday Calendars™ are available only in our Online Store! Birthday Calendars may arrive earlier, but please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Everything Essential Birthday and Anniversary Calendars